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News Alerts

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - December 16, 2017

Quick Review of the Current Situation:

December 14th

The Galactic's arrived in the U.S. to oversee the RV release. We also found out that energy blockades were put up to prevent leaks of the actual RV release date.

(The Galactic's know the importance of the GCR/RV despite them not having any concept of time, space, and money.)

HSBC tested the new quantum financial system by inviting individuals from ZIM groups to exchange in Zurich, Switzerland.

December 15th

The flow of intel suddenly came to a halt right after the Galactic's arrived the prior day.

December 16th (Today)

Multiple private exchanges worldwide have been confirmed. (HSBC possibly doing more tests of the quantum financial system.)

It appears the transition is now occurring gradually.




Featured Post

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Dec. 17, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Dec. 17 2017 Compiled 12:05 am EDT 17 Dec. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abus...

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Dec. 17, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Dec. 17 2017

Compiled 12:05 am EDT 17 Dec. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Judy Note: The below is my own opinion as per yesterday's Dec. 15 Larrabee Report on the new Currency Exchange Rates:

Tier #4 Internet Group: Contract and Negotiated Rates at Exchange Centers.
Zim: No zeroes taken out: $7 to $15.00; Screen Rate $65 to $128.00+; Stable at $101.
Zim: Negotiated Rate up to $125,000 (Based on your humanitarian plan)

Dinar Screen Rate: $28+
Dinar Negotiated Rate up to $290 (Based on your humanitarian plan)

Dong Screen Rate $24 - $35 (could go to $128+)
Dong Negotiated Rate up to $140 (Based on your humanitarian plan)

Iranian Rial Screen Rate: $ 25+
Iranian Rial Negotiated Rate: $ 275

Afghani Screen Rate: $10.30 - $10.50
Afghani Negotiated Rate: $10.50 (Might go higher Based on your humanitarian plan)

Rupiah Screen Rate: $25.00 +

Tier #5: Public Exchange at Bank, no Contract or Negotiated Rates.
Dong Intl Rate: $.47 to $2.75, ( could go up to $4.10)
Dinar Intl Rate: $3.71 to $4 (could go to $7)
Zim Intl Rate: No NDA. Take out 6 zeroes: $.16 to $.20 (100T Zim = $20 M)
Iranian Rial Intl Rate $3.22+
Afghani Intl Rate: $2.39 - $3.10
Rupiah Intl Rate: $1.08 to $1.25

A. Dec. 16 2017 10:58 pm EST Zim Closing in Zurich: "Closing Opportunity in Zurich" - ZIM Intel via Anonymous 12-16-17 Private message received via email and posted with permission. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Our group (Tier 4) has been offered immediate closing opportunity in Zurich for our Zim. This appears to be the start can't go into alot of details besides we got the call. Maybe this will help everyone else with some relief. Thank you.

B. Dec. 16 2017 5:44 pm EST GCR Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for December 16, 2017

1. Dec. 14: HSBC tested the new Quantum Financial System by inviting individuals from ZIM groups to exchange in Zurich, Switzerland.

2. Dec. 15: Intel was placed on a Blackout.

3. Dec. 16: Multiple private exchanges worldwide have been confirmed. (HSBC possibly doing more tests of the Quantum Financial System.)

C. Dec. 16 2017 2:22 pm EST Correction on the Larrabee Report, Tank: "Re: Larrabee Report Status" - S.P.E.A.K. Intel Update - Tank - 12.16.17

1. We're trying to expose the entire story being told in the intel, distinguish what is real and what is psyops, and discern lies.

2. The breakdown below is the intel from Gary Larrabee's webcast. The current status thereof was based on various reliable and vetted sources (commentary in bold):

3. LARRABEE: Planners are trying to get this done if possible on or before Christmas.

TANK: This is true and it "being done" includes our private exchanges being mostly completed by Christmas, not just started.

4. LARRABEE: They were trying to get 8 days for 800#s, even move it up to two.

TANK: This is true and, to clarify, "move it up to two" means they were trying to get it done yesterday to have ten full days of exchanges before Christmas. The numbers had a set time for release last night that started at around 7 PM EST and SHOULD have reached us already. All we've been told is that it's taking longer than expected.

5. LARRABEE: The main issue was to get the announcement of the active USN. It is legal, there is inventory (meaning gold) and it's waiting to be active internationally.

TANK: Active USN is not applicable, or necessary for our release. The USN is active but not fully international. It will be announced on or around the 21st of December.

6. LARRABEE: We have to check if it is gold/asset backed was part of the delay.

TANK: The USN is asset-backed and even the USD is backed by the USN. The real gold-backing for the world is in the ZIM bond notes we are holding.

7. LARRABEE: Trump does not want the USN to be out internationally.

TANK: NOT True. Trump is and has been an advocate for our progress.

8. LARRABEE: Trump still wants the Cabal to pay fines and penalties, which has been part of the delay since he wanted the banking system to pay for damages done.

TANK: Yes, and he has stated this exact language in reference to Wells Fargo paying for their financial crimes to hinder this process.

9. LARRABEE: The Cabal was trying to stop or distract process.

TANK: Yes, obviously.

10. LARRABEE: The Banking cartel found a glitch — that software and the problem has been eradicated.

TANK: This is true. The Loophole closed Wed. morning Dec. 13. Rumors are telling us that the Cabal was trying to take the 80% of held funds and use it to perform micro trades and build back up the wealth and power of the Cabal. Doesn't quite make sense to me because they told us that wouldn't be a thing all the way back in September.

11. LARRABEE: They want to contain the Cabal from the Trump Camp as it's related to East Jerusalem being part of Palestine.

TANK: This containment is finished, which is why Trump came out to announce the US embassy moving to the true capital of Israel, Jerusalem. Netanyahu supported and complied with said action.

12. LARRABEE: Until the safety team says its ok, we still wait.

TANK: The Safety Team has already signed off.

13. LARRABEE: The "Hercules System" is ok, but it needs to be safe before we go.

TANK: The system is Officially SAFE.

14. LARRABEE: We know the Admiral's Core group has received funds for the first time in their accounts.

TANK: That is a fact. The Admiral has even told them that their business together is done because he has released all control of their money to the designated accounts provided by the members. However, the banks themselves have not released these funds to the members even after holding them since Thursday morning Dec. 14. Either they are in shock or they are waiting for all of us to release at the same time. The Core has been told once again that they WILL BE LIQUID this morning. When this Liquidity is a fact for the Core, our release should come out at the same time.

D. Dec. 16 2017 8:14 am EST Mass Congressional Resignations in 72 Hours - Flash-Bang for RV? #MassResignations in 72 Hours, Flash-Bang for the GCR/RV?

1. "Congress' human resources scandal is just getting started. I anticipate we will see the resignation of more than a dozen House members over harassment and secret settlements. Mark my words, the House is going to be rocked in the coming 72 hours. Tick Tock.” Luke Rosiak @lukerosiak 10:46 AM - Dec 15, 2017 …-- Luke Rosiak @lukerosiak 11:00 AM - Dec 15, 2017

2. Hal Turner Radio Show says a 72 hour countdown until massive scandal breaks in Congress:

3. Investigative journalist Thomas Paine is predicting heavy December fireworks in the next 72 hours about a major scandal in the FBI that will further shake the foundation of the embattled agency and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigative team."The FBI Texts are Child's Play. We bring the house DOWN on this whole shit show in 72 hours. And here is where you can help us do what we do." Thomas Paine @Thomas1774Paine 12:32 PM - Dec 15, 2017

4. Continue Reading at:

E. Dec. 16 2017 7:15 pm EST Congress Subject to Massive Scandal within 72 hours (video): Congress to be 'Rocked' by Massive Scandal in the Next 72 Hours

F. Dec. 16 2017 7:04 pm Today Dinar Exchanged at Bank for $.85, Anonymous: "A Friend Just Exchanged for $0.85" by (Anonymous) - 12.16.17

Today Dec. 16 a friend of mine went into a Wells Fargo Bank in Phoenix, AZ to see if they would exchange his Dinar. They offered him $0.85, so he exchanged one $25,000.00 Dinar note. That equated to $21,250.00. It looks like it has started.

G. Dec. 15 2017 TNT Call RayRen98:

The information that I have received suggests that this will still be released by Christmas, and that’s where I’m staying, pending new information.

H. Dec. 16 2017 2:03 pm EST Underground Military Bases: List of Deep Underground Military Bases Located in the United States

I. Dec. 16 2017 2:47 pm EST (Before It's News Article dated July 16 2014) Thirty-Four Eyewitnesses Testify Vatican & Drug Cartels are Trafficking Children to Satan Worshipping Pedophile Elites: Eyewitnesses Testify Vatican, Drug Cartels are Trafficking Children to Satan Worshipping Pedophiles Elites

Updates for the last seven days:

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 16, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Dec. 15, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 14, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 13, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 12, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 11, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 10, 2017

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Galactic Star Map: Human Brain

Human Brain – Galactic Star Map

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

Universal Life Tools | By Simone Matthews

After posting my recent Galactic Evolution-Alignment Article, I have received many requests for info about our Galactic Center (GC), our Super Galactic Centre (SGC) and The Great Attractor (TGA)… thanks everyone for your curiosity & interest:)

Here is a brief insight into these energy centres, their metaphysical resonances and greater potentialities… enjoy !

Milky Way Galaxy

Our Milky Way is a spiral Galaxy made up of many spiral arms that rotate around its centre – the Galactic Centre (GC).

The spiral arms of our galaxy form a flat plane (the Galactic Plane)… hence from the position of Earth when we see the Milky Way Galaxy up in the night sky we see the ‘plane’ of our Galaxy – a long band of stars.

Our Earth and hence our Sun (ie our entire Solar System) are located within the Milky Way Galaxy. In fact our Sun is one of over 100 billion Suns within our Galaxy. Location wise, our Solar Solar System is located approximately 27,000 light years from the Galactic Centre, in the region of the Orion-Cygnus arm.

When we look up and see the Galactic Plane at night it appears to be separate from us, but in fact we are within the Milky Way Galaxy looking into the GC… it is just billions of stars within the Galaxy are so far apart, it creates an illusion that we are separate from the field.

Within our Galaxy, (in fact within the entire Aetheric Field), everything is within a constant state of revolution/evolution. The Earth revolves around the Sun every 365 days, our Sun revolves around Alcyone (brightest star in the Pleiades) every 26,000 years and Alcyone revolves around Sirius every 225,000 years. Conversely, all of these heavenly bodies – Earth, Solar System, Alcyone, Sirius – are revolving around the Galactic Centre of the Milky Way Galaxy taking 225 Million years.

The energetic field that surrounds & weaves its way through the Milky Way Galaxy is a Torus – Torroidal Field.

Energy moves up from the centre of the Torus – the Galactic Centre, moving up and over along the energetic meridian lines of the Torus in a (fibonacci spiral formation) emanating to the other limits of the Milky Way Galaxy and then moving back up into the centre of the Torus and back into the Galactic Centre.

Our Milky Way Galaxy is part of a local grouping of 50+ Galaxies referred to as the ‘Local Group’. Our Local Group is then part of an even greater group called the Virgo Super Cluster, which in turn is part of an even greater group called Laniakea Super Cluster.

The Galactic Centre

The Galactic Centre (GC) is a giant black & white whole that sits at the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy. The Galactic Centre is currently positioned at 280 Sagittarius (tropical) or 40 Sagittarius (sidereal).

Metaphysically, the Galactic Centre is the source of our Soul’s highest aspirations & what we have chosen as the greater evolutionary purpose for our Soul in this lifetime.

To understand the influence the Galactic Centre has upon you individually, I recommend looking at your own personal Natal Chart (your astrology chart), and the position/house of the Galactic Centre at your time of Birth – as this will give you a greater understand of your Soul Purpose in this lifetime. Refer to Aetheric Healing™ for further details.

The Galactic Centre is a powerful transmitter of energy waves known as ‘Waves of Love’. Since 1987, the vibrational frequency of these Waves have been increasing in intensity and will continue to do so as we move toward 2040, the Golden Age (refer to my book Shealla-Dreaming) as we quantum leap into our new 225 Million year Galactic Cycle.

These electro-magnetic cosmic emissions (Waves of Love) are pulsating the torroidal field of energy that surrounds our heart, helping us to beat our Hearts Torroidal Field in unison with the Earth’s Torroidal Feild, in unison with our Milky Way Galaxy’s Torroidal Field.

As the ‘three Hearts’ (Earth, Human Heart, Galactic Heart) beat as ONE, we move beyond the limitation of our perceived separateness, and we embrace the Love, the Joy, the Beauty of a ONE humanity evolving into an enlightened New Earth.

Super Galactic Centre

As mentioned above, our Milky Way Galaxy is part of a local grouping of 50+ Galaxies referred to as the ‘Local Group’. The Local Group (which includes our Milky Way Galaxy) is then part of an even greater group called the Virgo Super Cluster, which in turn is part of an even greater group called Laniakea Super Cluster.

Whilst our Solar System revolves around the Galactic Centre every 225 Million years, our entire Milky Way Galaxy (including the entire Local Group) revolves around the Super Galactic Centre (SGC) (m-87) of the Virgo Super Cluster over of period of immeasurable years (a number beyond the realm of cognition by human consciousness).

The Super Galactic Centre is located at 20 Libra (tropical) or 70 Virgo (sidereal) and at an approximate distance of 53 Million light years from Earth (1 light year = 9.5 Trillion km). Whilst the Super Galactic Centre has the mass of 30 trillion times that of our own Sun, 90% of the SGC remains hidden.

Whilst the Galactic Centre influences are individual Soul Evolutionary Purpose, the Super Galactic Centre represents the greater potential of our Higher Collective Consciousness – the Collective Evolutionary Purpose of our Galaxy & Local Group.

The Super Galactic Centre draws us into a higher cosmic relationship with the eternal force of creation. An interweaving, a soul-mate connection as the Feminine & Masculine fully unite as ONE, entwining together in a cosmic DNA spiral of life.

Interestingly the Super Galactic Centre lies at a right angle to the Galactic Centre. Just like sunlight refracts of water droplets at a right angle to create a rainbow, Super Galactic Centre Cosmic Radiation Wave emissions refract through the Galactic Centre amplifying the GC Wave of LOVE streams and awakening humanity into the next cycle of Evolution. On an individual level, these right angle emissions stimulate our Light Activation Points (refer Crystal Light Healing®), ultimately resonating our pineal gland / primordial cells pathway and activating our DNA.

Laniakea – The Great Attractor

Moving beyond the Super Galactic Centre lies the Laniakea Supercluster – Laniakea is Hawaiian for ‘Immeasurable Heaven’.

At the centre of Laniakea Supercluster lies The Great Attractor (TGA) which is both pulling us toward her centre and simultaneously moving other Galaxies away from her centre (the infinite toric field spiral – ‘as above, so below’).

The Great Attractor is located at 140 Sagittarius (tropical) or 190 Scorpio (sidereal) and at an approximate distance of 250 Million light years from our Milky Way Galaxy (1 light year = 9.5 Trillion km).

The Great Attractor gets its name from the fact that it has a mysterious energy force that has a gravitational influence over 100,000 Galaxies, including our own Super Galactic Centre & our Milky Way Galactic Centre. Through the cosmic ripples of the Great Attractor which bends space/light/time, we have access to the past, present & potential future.

Awakening to the intelligence of The Great Attractor allows us to let go of the fear, imprinting, dogma, old-Earth consciousness and truly embrace a higher cosmic relationship with Creation… allowing ourselves to surrender to the eternal Great Cosmic Breath of LOVE.

Galactic Star Map – The Human Brain

So how then does our Milky Way Galaxy, Virgo Super Cluster & Laniakea relate to the Human Brain?

The Aetheric Field – the field of infinite intelligence – is holographic in nature. Within a hologram, any one part of the field (micro) is a mirror reflection of the entire field (macro).

As human beings here on Earth, revolving around the Sun, revolving around the Galactic Centre of our Milky Way Galaxy, revolving around the Virgo Super Cluster SGC (as part of a Local Group of Galaxies) and being drawn into The Great Attractor of Laniakea – we ourselves are not separate from the Aetheric Field – but rather are strands of resonance that weave the symphony of creation together.

Reflecting back on the micro/macro aspects of the holgraphic Aetheric Field, then it is easy to draw correlations of our beingness with the entire field.

Take for instance the Human Brain – science estimates there are 100 Billion Neurons within the Human Brain that act as communication pathways that process & transmit information through electrical & chemical signals.

Is it such a leap then to see the micro of the Brain as a star map of the macro of our Milky Way Galaxy. Once again science estimates there are 100 Billion Stars within our Milky Way Galaxy, so could our brain be a ‘star map’ or a ‘tuning fork’ that acts as a communication pathway between human consciousness and cosmic consciousness. Surely this correlation is no longer such a big step to make in light of our understanding of Quantum Mechanics and our ability to influence and be influenced by the field on a sub-atomic level?

We can also drill down further into the body onto a cellular & atomic level. There are approximately 100 Trillion cells in the human body… PLUS there are 100 Trillion atoms that make-up every cell of the body… PLUS there are 100 Trillion synapses in our human brain (a synapse enables the neurons of the brain to pass electrical/chemical messages to other neurons). So based on these incredible correlations… maybe the cells/atoms of our body are both transmitters/receivers of information from the Aetheric Field… and the Brain is thus a computer/star map that acts as an intermediary transmitter between human biology and the entire Aetheric Field ?

The diagram above artistically displays the ‘neural network’ of Laniakea, how the intricate patterns of Galaxies inter-connect with each other creating a cosmic web of intelligence. Interestingly, this web looks remarkably like a map of the Neuronal Networks of the Human Brain.

I love how the word Laniakea is hawaiian for ‘immense heaven’… so we could say that our brain & human cellular biology enables us to experience ‘heaven’ from the inside out!

© Simone M. Matthews

(Video) Bombshell: Congress to be Rocked by Massive Scandal in the Next 72 Hours

Published on Dec 16, 2017


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Makes Major Announcement About the Vaccine Industry

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Makes Major Announcement That Could Shake Up The Vaccine Industry

Found at

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Throws Down the Gauntlet, Makes Major Announcement That Could Shake Up The Vaccine Industry As We Know It (With Video)

Source: Ascension With Earth

by Nick Meyer | December 14, 2017

The vaccine industry has been able to keep a tremendous amount of information hidden from its customer base, and the general public for that matter, for years.

But now the truth is finally coming to light: regardless of whatever benefits they may provide, today’s vaccines are being implicated for causing harm across a wide spectrum of people in the United States, who are suffering without the ability to hold those in power responsible.

The numbers don’t lie: nearly $3.6 billion in compensation has been paid out to vaccine injury victims through a court-created system established in 1986, when vaccine makers were officially granted legal immunity from being sued, even in cases where their products have caused serious harm.

According to some estimates, including one cited by the World Mercury Project, as little as 1% of vaccine injuries are reported each year – in other words, this could be a far bigger problem than most people realize.

It’s because of statistics like these, and the growing numbers of parents coming forward with their own vaccine injury stories, that well known public interest attorney Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has officially decided to make a major shift in his career priorities going forward.

And if his past history of legal success is any indication, it could be a major turning point for one of the most overlooked (and under-studied) health epidemics in the country.

RFK Jr. All-In for Vaccine Safety Movement

Speaking in a video on the World Mercury Project’s Facebook page, Kennedy, Jr., whose proposed vaccine safety panel on behalf of President Donald Trump was never green-lighted, has decided to take matters into his own hands, and says he will apply all of his energies toward cleaning up the vaccine industry.

“For 30 years I’ve been successfully fighting the biggest bullies on the American political landscape, the oil companies, the coal companies, the chemical companies, big agriculture and the other big polluters,” he says in the video, which can be seen in full below.

“But I’ve decided now to take a hiatus from those battles and apply all of my energies to what I consider the most important battles for protecting America’s children and children all over the world.”

Kennedy, Jr.’s new target will be the vaccine industry, which has strayed far from its original mission and is now “above the law” in many ways, as Kennedy alludes to in the video.

It starts with accountability from regulatory agencies, which Kennedy, Jr. said is greatly lacking.
“The way that the industry has been able to continue this conduct, this criminal conduct, for so many years is because they’ve been able to escape scrutiny,” Kennedy said.

“The regulatory agencies have been captured by the industries that they’re supposed to regulate. The government officials, Congress have (all) been corrupted by huge influxes of money from the pharmaceutical industry…”

“And now, the industry is going state-by-state across the country to try to get legislation passed to remove that last barrier, the parents, the mothers of these children, and taking away from them their ability to make healthcare decisions for their children.”

RFK, Jr. Project Kicks Off Fundraising Campaign

In order to support this new endeavor, the World Mercury Project, a grassroots roots organization chaired by Kennedy, Jr. with the goal of removing and potentially even banning the world’s second most toxic substance, is now accepting donations for its new Vaccine Safety Project.

“Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and the World Mercury Project want vaccines to go through the same rigorous approval process and testing as all drugs,” the project’s Indiegogo page states.

“The government admits that only 1% of vaccine injuries are reported. That would translate to as many as 6 million Americans possibly injured by vaccines each year. Our children deserve better.”

As part of the undertaking, the World Mercury Project and RFK, Jr. released their ‘Six Steps to Vaccine Safety,’ which they are hoping to institute in order to transform Washington, D.C.’s corrupt vaccine safety system:

1. Subject vaccines to the same rigorous approval process as other drugs – While drugs cause tens of thousands of deaths each year, and would rank 9th among all causes of death if overdoses were included, they are still subject to higher safety standards than vaccines.

Considering that vaccines are administered in growing numbers to the youngest and most at-risk members of society (infants and children), the importance of this change cannot be overstated.

2. Mandate mandatory reporting of adverse vaccine-related events – Vaccine-related injuries have led to about $3.6 billion in compensation from the government-created VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Safety Reporting System) since 1986.

The Project hopes to automate the VAERS and VSD (Vaccine Safety Datalink) systems to shed more light on the growing numbers of vaccine injury victims.

3. Ensure all involved with Federal vaccine approvals and recommendations are free from conflicts-of-interest – Theseare rampant in the industry, including the CDC which has has routinely allowed scientists with conflicts-of-interest to serve on influential advisory committees making recommendations on vaccine policy, as pointed out in a recent House Government Reform Committee staff report published this past February.

4. Re-evaluate all vaccines recommended by ACIP (the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) prior to adoption of evidence-based guidelines – Critics say the current vaccine system has not been adequately tested for safety, especially with children and the growing vaccine schedule (up to 73 doses by the time kids reach age 18 in the U.S.).

5. Study what makes some individuals more susceptible to vaccine injury – Considering the amount of catastrophic vaccine injury stories that have flooded the Internet and the aforementioned vaccine injury payout numbers, this is concerning for many parents.

6. Support fully informed consent and individual rights to refuse vaccination – While mandatory vaccine supporters push for herd immunity, people are being injured in the process, critics say.
As vaccine choice advocates argue, where there is risk, the freedom to refuse must be protected.
Health Issues Piling Up in American Kids – Are Vaccines to Blame?

One of the biggest obstacles to vaccine safety improvements is the ongoing argument between “pro-vaccine” and “anti-vaccine” sides. The argument has been simplified to discourage constructive debates.

But as Kennedy’s project notes, their new undertaking is not “anti-vaccine” but “pro-vaccine safety,” seeking to address controversial issues that haven’t seen the light of day in Congress due to stereotypes and misinformation.

For more info on the project (including alarming statistics on children’s health problems in the United States that have arisen “in lockstep” with the growing vaccine schedule), check out the full post from the World Mercury Project.

You can also watch RFK Jr.’s major announcement in the video below. Please be sure to share this article and video with anyone you could use more education on the growing issue of vaccine safety:

Thanks to:

(Video) BLM Whistleblower and Kill Book Exposed in Bundy Case

Published on Dec 14, 2017

BLM Whistle-Blower Larry C. Wooten, exposing the crux of illegal activity by our government entities against the American people.

Wooten Doc/Testimony -

(Video) U.S. Department of Defense Releases F/A-18 Super Hornet Footage of UFO -- Most Credible Footage Ever Seen, Disclosure Coming?

Published on Dec 16, 2017

"A video shows an encounter between a Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet and an unknown object. It was released by the Defense Department's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. By Courtesy of U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE on Publish Date December 16, 2017."

Science Reveals Young Brains Deranged by Radiation Exposure from Smartphones

Cellphones driving modern humans to the brink of insanity? New science reveals young brains DERANGED by cellphone radiation exposure

Friday, December 15, 2017

Source: Natural News | By Mike Adams

(Natural News) It’s fairly obvious to most intelligent people that modern society is going insane. It’s especially true among today’s hyper-connected youth who seem to be truly deranged and mentally ill, hyperventilating over every issue imaginable such as “net neutrality” or the election of Donald Trump. The lunacy of modern society has never been more extreme, and many of us who observe all this are wondering is there a common cause behind the insanity?

As it turns out, the mass poisoning of human brains with cellphone radiation has only been going on for a generation or so. It may be the common cause behind the insanity, and California health authorities have just confirmed this possibility by issuing new warnings about the adverse brain effects of cellphone radiation exposure.

“The research suggests cellphones could increase our risk for brain cancer and tumors, low sperm count, headaches, as well as impaired memory, hearing, and sleep,” reports CBS News / San Francisco. In other words, cellphone radiation has been found to directly interfere with normal brain function, leading people to demonstrate abnormal cognitive function. This, combined with the brain-warping harmful effects of social media, seems to have driven our society to the brink of runaway mental illness across the masses.

Just as the Romans destroyed their civilization with the help of lead poisoning in the water aqueducts, we may be destroying our own civilization by frying all our brains with cellphone radiation (and thereby driving our people insane).

Read More:

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